Richard and Sheila

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“Family history in Ireland inspires ‘Twinsome Minds’” in the Boston Globe, February 26, 2016

Richard Kearney was speaks about Twinsome Minds:

While growing up in his native Ireland, Richard Kearney recalls his grandparents describing numerous instances of loved ones, friends, and neighbors caught on opposing sides of Irish-British relations in 1916. In that year, an estimated 485 Irish died in the Easter Rising insurrection to end British rule, while 3,500 Irish soldiers in the British Army were killed at the Battle of the Somme in France during World War I.

Kearney, a resident of Newton and the Charles Seelig Professor in Philosophy at Boston College, believes that the centenary is a cause for commemoration but also reflection toward the future. Both aspects are expressed in the multimedia presentation, ‘Twinsome Minds: Recovering 1916 in Images and Stories’…


K. Sweet
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Kevin Sweet is a Boston based artist, educator, and the Technical Director on "Twinsome Minds"
Richard and Sheila
Richard Kearney interviewed for the Boston Globe