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Twinsome Minds reviewed for ‘Culture Northern Ireland’

Twinsome Minds was reviewed by John Peto for ‘Culture Northern Ireland’. Check out the excerpt below or read the full review at

The format of the show really works – the audience stays with Kearney through this tour of his thoughts and even at its most febrile moments the holistic experience of Gallagher’s supporting images help us to understand and connect with knowledge that is being shared.

Kearney’s overriding message seems to be one that ‘Twinsomeness’ in Ireland is not new, but recognition of it as a normal part of the Irish condition is essential. Our artists have long appreciated it but 2016 may give an opportunity for this to penetrate deeper into our understanding of life today on a divided island – a place where psychological ‘Twinsomeness’ merely mirrors the physical.

In terms of both content and presentation it is a vital contribution to the wider understanding of 1916, and its meaning for us here in 2016. Go see it if you get the chance. — John Peto

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